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Itay Haephrati creative developer

Hi, I'm Itay Haephrati.👋 I focus on creating digital products that are user friendly and easy to use. I believe that technology should be used to make life easier, and I strive to use my skills to help people achieve that.

I have the experience and technical know-how to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. I can also assist with the development of the project, ensuring that it meets all of your specifications and that it works seamlessly., your vision is my mission.

My skills

Things I'm pretty great at
Sweet stuff I do
My skills
Things I'm pretty great at
Sweet stuff I do


It will be my pleasure to create you a creative, amazing, responsive, and completely customized website or app based on extensive research on your business.

UX Design

UI Design

Product Design

Design systems



I begin building once the design is perfect. In order to develop a clean, fast, and responsive website, we will decide which CMS or JS framework to use. With cool animation and a modern look, your brand will be brought to life in a visually appealing manner.

Web Development

Headless CMS

Frontend developer

Design systems

CSS Expert


I'm here to help your business grow, update, create, and thrive in the long run with ongoing support services and creative ideas. Let's keep the party going!



Content Updates

Design Updates


Code Lectures

little  about me.

Experienced Web Developer/UX Engineer proficient in all phases of advanced web development, UX, Web design, Frontend development, testing, and maintenance of web-based applications, equipped with an array of promising skills and technologies, including Web development, HTML/CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, GraphQL, React, Gatsby, WordPress, Headless CMS, Styled components, Design Systems, Figma, Adobe and dad jokes.
Ability to work independently and in a team, Problem-solving, analytical, and troubleshooting skills

The answer is YES! Now, What's your question?

Daddy of three.
And a dog.
I am addicted to ice baths, aka "Wim Hof".
are my thing.
Every day I try to make the world a little more creative by creating beautiful products and having fun at the same time